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Another move by a slimy California politician will remove all bear hunting in California! Of course if you “follow the science” (a phrase that is seemed to be loved by all) you are dooming these creatures to a horrible death through starvation and disease. With a population so large that bear-human interaction is becoming nearly an everyday occurrence in areas like the Greater Tahoe Basin. making hunting illegal in these areas would only exacerbate the problem. The bear population in this area is already a problem with many of them dying each year due to disease and starvation. Hunting is a management tool that scientists have used for nearly a century to manage all game species. With the recent (2013) removal of hound-hunting for bear in the (not so) Golden State, these beautiful animals began to compete for food and the deer herd suffered. Fawn ( that’s right, baby deer) mortality rate is directly linked to bear predation. But let’s not let facts and science get in the way of what is one man’s feelings about hunting and hunters.

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A starving bear photographed in Maine