Why your CCW Instructor MUST Demonstrate Every Drill He Wants You to Practice.

I know, I know, it’s just a CCW Renewal class. No need to get all excited and try to teach these “veteran gun carriers” anything new. Just get them in for a four-hour session and get them signed off for another two years. Right? I hear that a lot from some students, and I mean…I […]

Trouble Purchasing Ammo? You Are Not Alone.

The obvious confusion regarding the purchase, possession, importation, or loaning of ammunition has many of our Shasta and other county CCW students asking questions. The ammunition shortage and the eligibility checks are frustrating for students trying to complete their CCW training. I get that. Here is some clarification on the laws and how you MIGHT […]

Still Wondering About Wearing a COVID Mask and Carrying Your CCW Firearm?

The idea that you can not carry your CCW firearm while wearing a mask to protect yourself and others from the COVID 19 Virus, and to comply with the Governor’s order deserves some exploration. I have received so many calls, texts, and emails regarding this subject beginning back in March that I had to do […]

Welcome to the all new NFI Online

We are striving to improve your experience while visiting Northern Firearms Instruction online. You’ll notice dramatically reduced load times across the board, as well as a more intuitive navigation to get you where you want to go fast. Thank you for sticking with us for the next couple weeks while we iron out any bugs […]