Shasta Area NFI Step I Basic Defensive Handgun Course 12/5/21, 8 AM-12 PM, Redding Gun Club. $125

Event Phone: 530-999-1822

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NFI Step I Basic Defensive Handgun Feesshow details + $125.00 (USD)  

  • NFI Step I Basic Defensive Handgun Course
    December 5, 2021
    8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Link to The NFI Firearm Law Summary.

Link to the Directions to the Redding Gun Club. 

You do have to have (or even want) a CCW to take this course. This is a course for those who simply want to learn the basics of how to use a handgun for self-defense. This is the shooting portion of all NFI Step I CCW Courses. If you want to actually take a CCW or CCW renewal course please navigate to the class menu and select the 8-16 hour CCW course for your county or city.

Listed above are the links to the forms that you must download and fill out prior to the course. Please fill out the forms neatly. On the Shasta County Qualification form, please list either “semi” or revolver” in the column that asks for the “model” of the firearm. This form is provided in the case that you are going to use this class to add a gun to your CCW permit or are taking this course to complete a CCW (or CCW renewal) course in which you have already completed the classroom work via Zoom or otherwise.

For Anybody who wants to learn how to use a pistol for personal protection. There is no prerequisite learning for this course. This course is also the course needed to progress to NFI Step II-IV Defensive Handgun Courses. In this course, you will learn how to shoot effectively as well as retain and manipulate your personal protection handgun. This is not a “basic pistol” course as you should have some learning beforehand to learn how to use a handgun safely as well as learn how to load, unload, and transport the pistol to the range. All of these subjects are taught in our USCCA CCW classes that we teach over the same weekend as this Sunday morning class. If it has been a while since you used a handgun, please navigate to the link above for the NFI Firearm Law Summary and download the book. On pages 20-25 there is a review of the basics of loading, unloading, grip, stance, etc. for your handgun. ATTENTION: WE ARE NOT DIRECTING YOU TO MANIPULATE A HANDGUN. If you feel comfortable doing so then you must clear the firearm of ammunition as well as the room that you are in. There can be no ammunition anywhere around you when you manipulate a handgun. NFI is not guaranteeing or even speculating on the safety of any action in your home or otherwise and you assume all risks associated with such actions. NFI teaches a basic pistol class to learn these basic skills under the  supervisi0on of a professional instructor. 

Park at the gate to the rifle and pistol range. At 8:00 an NFI instructor will come up and open the gate and lead you to the parking area, and then your private range.
Skills Taught:
1. 5 Elements of Defensive Accuracy
2. Marksmanship Assessment
3. Flash Fire
4. One-Handed Engagements
5. Immediate Reloading
6. Immediate Action Drill
7. Proximity Engagement
* NFI has ammunition available for purchase at local market rates. These prices may be higher than you are used to so we always recommend that you try to find your own ammunition for the class.

Packing List:


100 Cartridges

Brimmed hat–(baseball style is fine)

Closed-toed shoes

Collared shirt-(t-shirt style is fine, no v-neck or tank-tops)

Chair to relax on the range during breaks

Drinks or other non-alcoholic refreshments

Eye and Ear Protection

Your Instructor is:

Ted Lidie

Instructor # 151178744

530-999-1822 (call or text)




Venue Phone: (530) 549-4652

Venue Website:

21777 Seven Lakes Road, Redding, California, 96003, United States


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