Shasta Area NFI Handgun Fundamentals – Prepare for your CCW Class – 11/19/22 Redding Gun Club $165 + $10 Range Fees

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  • Handgun Fundamentals
    November 19, 2022
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

NFI Handgun Fundamentals class is designed to equip you with a basic working knowledge of handguns, firearm safety, and shooting fundamentals.

This class is designed for those who are new to handguns. This is a two-part class consisting of:

  • -Half day of classroom instruction on handgun knowledge, firearm safety and fundamentals of marksmanship.
  • -NRA Certified instructor will coach you during the live fire shooting exercises on the gun range to ensure you are applying the fundamentals of marksmanship properly.

You are welcome to bring your own firearm or use one of ours!

**Recommended: Students taking the Handgun Fundamentals training course should wait to purchase a handgun until after the course.

Although, we do not sell guns, we educate the prospective buyer on what is available, the differences between them, and how to tell if one is a good “fit” for you and your needs. Our goal is the keep you from being at the mercy of anyone across a counter from you in a gun store.

Handgun Fundamentals class – is an introductory class for those who need to learn:

  • -Basic handgun safety
  • -Learn the mechanical operation of different handgun types (revolver vs. semi-automatic)
  • -How to identify the proper ammunition for your firearm
  • -5 Fundamentals of marksmanship:
    1. 1) Platform – Stance & Grip
    2. 2) Aiming – Sight Alignment & Sight Picture
    3. 3) Trigger Control
    4. 4) Breath Control
    5. 5) Follow Through
  • -How to clean your firearm
  • -Proper gun storage
  • -Proper handgun fit

You will be professionally coached through your first live-fire session. This class will help you and make you confident enough to go out on your own and practice the skills you have learned in the class.

This course covers much of the information that you’ll need to know if you would like to get a Firearm Safety Certificate which is needed to purchase a firearm. Once you have passed the CA FSC Test you will be allowed to purchase a handgun or other firearm in California. California requires an additional $25.00 fee for taking this test which is not included in this course fee.

***Please note in the Student notes, if you need ammo, need a firearm and/or if you would like to take the FSC test at the end of our Handgun Fundamentals class.***

For more information about the California Firearms Safety Certificate, please visit this page.

Ammo Packages are available during this course. Ammunition used during the course can be provided at $45 a box. California State law prohibits students from leaving the range with this ammo. All full and unused boxes will be refunded on site. Ammo calibers available are 22LR ($10/box), .40, 9MM, .45, .380 & .38 Special.

Ammunition will be delivered to the student on the range where it can be paid for with cash/check, CashApp or Venmo. Please specify the ammunition caliber/# of boxes needed in the student notes section.

Class Details:

Saturday, November 19th – 8am-4pm at the Redding Gun Club: 21777 Seven Lakes Rd, Redding, CA 96003


  • -Eye and Ear Protection
  • -Sack Lunch
  • -Snacks and drinks if desired
  • -Firearm and ammunition (At least 100 cartridges)
  • -Folding chair for breaks at the range
  • -Hand Towel to keep the guns covered from the hot sun
  • -Baseball cap and closed toe’d shoes.
  • -No V-necks or tank tops please.
  • -Sunscreen

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Cost: $175 which includes the $10 Redding Gun Club range fee

If you have questions, please contact me anytime!  Stephen Kim – 530-768-7668 – Text is preferred

Certified CA DOJ Instructor #352076 / NRA CCW Instructor # 260557632
Train safe, Train Smart, Train with NFI!

“Our Right, our Responsibility”

Cancellation Policy: Registrations fees include a 50% non-refundable deposit. Cancellations prior to the start of the class/range day will be given a 50% refund of training fees, or a one-time reschedule of training within one year. Students who are absent from any portion of a class without notice will not be eligible for refund.  Please contact your instructor as early as possible to cancel your class. 

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