Shasta Area NFI Advanced Defensive Pistol Course – Step II & Shasta/Modoc County CCWR. Learn the Next Steps to Carrying Your Personal Protection Firearm! 11/12/23 Redding Gun Club 7:30AM-12PM

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  • Step II - Defensive Pistol
    November 12, 2023
    7:30 am - 12:00 pm


Step II Only: $145 + $15 Range Fees


CCW Renewal using Step II as live-fire qualification: $185 + $15 range fees (Shasta & Modoc County Only)


The STEP II- NFI DEFENSIVE PISTOL COURSE is designed for students who desire to continue their training and employ the personal protection handgun from an outside/inside the waistband hip holster. The drills are a natural progression from what was learned in the NFI Basic CCW Course. The 4.5-hour course is designed to be safe yet challenging, focusing specifically on drawing your firearm from a hip holster both effectively and efficiently.

This course can also be taken as a CCW Renewal class for Shasta and Modoc County residents and would require attendance at a Zoom Meeting to cover CCW Law.  Tehama County has not yet approved this online CCWR course.  Please check with your sheriff to see if your county is approved for the online education portion.  

COURSE PREREQUISITE: This course is considered the first advanced pistol course in the NFI Portfolio of courses. In order to attend you must have proof of any of the following:

  1. Attendance of an NFI Initial CCW Course – or –
  2. A California CCW – or –
  3. Completion of a defensive (not basic) handgun course of 8 hours or more from a nationally recognized training provider, these providers include the NRA, USCCA, Thunder Ranch, Front Sight, Gun Sight, POST handgun courses, BSIS armed security guard training, Glock Instructor Development, Sig Sauer Instructor Development, etc. If you have a question about qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: This course assumes you have a level of proficiency with the handling and firing of your gun.  If you have not shot in a while, you should first spend time on the range to brush up your skills.  We have Range Days offered in Red Bluff specifically for this purpose. If you come to the class without being comfortable handling your firearm, you will have a hard time keeping up.


Reviewing the 5 Steps of Defensive Marksmanship

Hold Control



Trigger Control

Follow Through

Presenting a firearm from a concealment holster

Reloading a firearm during an emergency

Clearing a misfire

Issuing a verbal warning

Introduction to movement.

Proximity engagements

The STEP II NEXT STEPS DEFENSIVE PISTOL COURSE is just one of several courses designed to be attended to ensure a continuous training cycle for CCW holders. This training allows for continued training that focuses on real-world skills needed for personal protection.

This Step II course precedes more advanced Defensive Pistol Courses (Step III and Step IV) and must be attended in that order, with no exceptions.   The courses are also required in order to participate in further advanced Carbine and Shotgun classes.

Ammo Packages are available during this course. Ammunition used during the course can be provided at $40 a box. Ca State law prohibits students from leaving the range with this ammo. All full and unused boxes will be refunded on site, using cash only.  Ammo calibers available are 22LR, 22WMR, .380, .38 Spc, .40, 9MM, .45.  In the notes section during registration just leave us a note, stating how many cartridges and what calibers you will need for the course. we will deliver them to the range. Please have a check or cash available as we cannot use a credit card on the range.

We are sorry! Ammunition prices have jumped dramatically! Ammunition is now so rare and expensive that we have had to increase our ammunition prices to $40 a box.  We are sorry about the increase and wish that we could do something else about it. We have taken the steps to sell ammo in smaller quantities just for qualification. We will sell you EXACTLY what you need to complete your training/qualification. 


The class will meet at the Redding Gun Club, 21777 Seven Lakes Lane, Redding, Ca 96003. The class will meet at the Gate to the Rifle and Pistol Range. The Gate will be opened promptly at 7:20 AM and students will be escorted to their range. Please follow the directions that are linked in the attachments below.

Class Schedule: 7:30 AM-12 PM.  Bring a primary firearm and 150 cartridges for your primary handgun.  In addition, gun belt, hip holster (Outside the waistband only), 2 magazines, and a magazine carrier are required for this course.  Appendix, Ankle, Small of the Back, Shoulder holsters will not be allowed.  Finally, a cover garment to conceal your firearm.  While a T-shirt can accomplish this task, we recommend an outer style garment that can be easily worn or taken off.

Please contact the instructor listed below with any specific gear questions.  See below for a full range packing list.


Folding Chair

Eye and Ear Protection

Snacks and drinks if desired

Firearm and ammunition (150 cartridges)

Hand Towel

Baseball cap closed-toed shoes. No V-necks or tank tops, please.

Sunscreen if needed

Gun belt

OWB holster  – Please bring or purchase a quality, leather or kydex holster.   Contact an instructor if you need help with finding or purchasing a quality holster for your firearm.

2 magazines

Magazine carrier

Cover garment


Link To Directions-Redding Gun Club

Bryan Rheem 571-477-0723
Instructor # 181962186


Cancellation Policy: Training fees include a 50% non-refundable deposit. Cancellations prior to the start of the class will be given a 50% refund of training fees, or a one-time reschedule of training within one year. Students who are absent from any portion of a class without notice will not be eligible for a refund. Please contact your instructor as early as possible to cancel your class.



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