NRA CCW Instructor Course, 7-1/2-23, Chico California. Includes Mandated NRA Basic Instructor Training on 6/28-29/23.- $399, or Pick a Package!

Event Phone: 530-999-1822

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  • NRA CCW Instructor Training
    July 1, 2023 - July 2, 2023
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

You are registering for the NRA CCW Instructor course using this registration page. This course includes free NRA Basic Instructor Training and California CCW training. See specifics below.

WHAT: NRA CCW Instructor Course. Earn your NRA CCW Instructor Credential and apply in your county to teach California CCW!  Taught by NRA Training Counselor Ted Lidie, students will learn to plan, teach and provide leadership to NRA CCW students. Once completed successfully, the NRA Instructor can obtain insurance and be ready to teach NRA CCW Courses for their community!~


Ted Lidie

NRA Training Counselor

530-999-1822 (call or text)


Prerequisites: These are mandatory requirements to become an NRA CCW Instructor.

  • NRA Basic Instructor Training on 6/28-29/23 at no charge for registered Instructor Candidates.
  • NRA CCW Course taught on 6/30/23 , 8-5 PM.(No charge for NRA CCW Instructor Candidates)
  • NRA Pistol Instructor  Course. Taught on 6/29/23 . This is a two-step process, (1) NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course, and (2) NRA Pistol Instructor Course. These courses are taught in the same week as the NRA CCW Instructor Course. So in terms of training, you will spend 5 days total in training to become an NRA CCW Instructor. These days are 6/28/23 – 7/2/23. You can register for these courses using the registration menu at

6/28-29/23 – NRA Basic Instructor Training (no charge for instructor candidates)

6/28/23 – NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course; $199. Select this link to register for this course.

6/29/23 – NRA Pistol Instructor  Course, $299

6/30/23- NRA California CCW Course; $180 ( Or no charge for registered NRA CCW Instructor Candidates)

7/1-2/23 – NRA CCW Instructor Course; $399

Packages: To register for all classes at a discounted rate of $900,  (usually $1,077), contact Ted Lidie, at 530-999-1822



Classroom and Range

Down Range Chico
13407 Garner Ln, Chico, CA 95973
COST FOR THIS COURSE:  $399 for the course and NRA Basic Instructor Training/California CCW Training.

Pistol .380 or larger.

200 Cartridges Ammunition packages are available in this class for $80.00 for 100 cartridges.

Outside/Inside the waistband hip holster

Double magazine carrier.

Three magazines.

Baseball or other brimmed hats.

Electronic or paper versions of shared documents. These documents are the presentation documents you will need to complete the course and include, at a minimum, the CCW Course Appendixes and the PowerPoint Presentation.

Eye and ear protection.

Instructor Uniform: Collared shirt and short or long pants. Close-toed shoes. (See the instructors at for appropriately dressed instructors).



Questions? Contact Ted Lidie at 530-999-1822 (call or text)

or email at

Cancellation Policy: Instructors are hired, classrooms are rented and range time is reserved for each student when they register.  Training fees include a 50% non-refundable deposit.  Students who wish to reschedule their course may do so anytime before the start time of their course. Students are limited to one rescheduled date and must be within 365 days of the original course start date.   Students who are absent from any portion of a class without notice will not be eligible for a refund.


Venue Phone: (530) 896 - 1992

Venue Website:

13407 Garner Lane, Chico, California, 95973, United States


Northern Firearms Instruction and Down Range – Chico have partnered to provide you with the state of the art training facility for your CCW and CCW Renewal qualification.